What Is LearnNow?

As a parent, educator or child service provider, LearnNow is your go-to site for up-to-the-minute information and expert advice on learning. Created in cooperation with trusted learning experts and researchers, and experienced parents and teachers, LearnNow has assembled the features, tools and resources to enhance learning at home, in school and throughout neighborhoods.

By tuning in to the latest innovations in learning and putting them into a context that allows you to use them every day, LearnNow recognizes how research in child development, neuroscience, psychology, health and medicine can be translated into a new field, the learning sciences, which can help inform everyone who is involved in raising healthy, happy and successful children.

LearnNow features reporting on the latest news and research findings for a wide array of topics related to children and learning, from play to sleep, from attention and engagement to stress. Most important, our experts are accessible. As an online learning community, LearnNow aims to foster conversation and discussion between all those involved in raising children, and regular access to the scientists and researchers at the fore of the new learning sciences to start a new kind of open dialog.

Why LearnNow?

Where once a few child-rearing experts provided the last word on child-rearing, science is now offering new information and answers—through evidence-based research in cognitive neuroscience, psychobiology and genetics. The information explosion has broadened the choices for parents, educators and child-service providers alike. At the same time, the wealth of information can make parenting, teaching and providing child services more difficult, not less.

LearnNow The Learning Resource Network

Parents, educators and child-service providers grapple everyday with knowing what works when it comes to raising healthy, smart, well-adjusted children.

As parents, educators and consumers of information ourselves, we had many of the same questions you do. Now the science of learning field is emerging. Over time this wealth of information will continue to grow and evolve. Which, when well understood and carefully used, has the potential to help us make better decisions, programs and institutions in raising children.


LearnNow is an ideas lab, assembling and consolidating research and best practices in child development, cognitive neuroscience, education, public health, psychology, parent engagement and more in one place to spark conversations and connections in learning—at home, in schools, in communities and around the world.

LearnNow presents the latest innovations in the learning sciences and uses technology and community to highlight what works in learning from early childhood through high school.


To better prepare children for a dramatically changing world, LearnNow presents evidence-based information as the basis for sound decision-making in ways that can help build an online community to help answer questions and demystify some of the challenges involved in raising, caring for and nurturing children.

By highlighting the latest evidence on learning, psychology, cognitive neuroscience, child development and health through articles, interviews, video and podcasts, the site offers a forum for questions, ideas and creativity about raising and educating healthy children prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century.