Donna Wilson, Ph.D.

Educational Psychologist, President
Center for Innovative Education and Prevention, BrainSMART, Inc.

Donna Wilson, former university chairperson of education, University of Detroit Mercy, and an educational/school psychologist and former classroom teacher, serves as academic team leader and president of the Center for Innovative Education and Prevention, BrainSMART, and 21st Century Skills. After completing postdoctoral study in structural cognitive modifiability, Wilson began co-developing research-based professional learning opportunities for K-12 educators delivered through graduate studies. Her work has been delivered live and through distance learning at the master’s, educational specialist, and doctoral levels. Over the last 15 years, Wilson has personally presented to more than 100,000 educators who serve more than 1 million students. She has served as an educational consultant in many of the largest states and districts in the United States, as well as in many suburban and rural areas. She has also presented in an umber of other countries. Wilson is the lead developer of graduate degree programs focused on brain-based teaching using an education, mind and brain framework with Nova Southeastern University.