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LearnNow: Can You Imagine Learning in a Whole New Way?

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
— Theodore RooseveltPreteen Chewing Gum, On the Phone, Twirling Hair

Where are we when it comes to understanding how to raise and teach children so they can be successful? In the year now since I have begun working on LearnNow—this new science-informed Web portal on how children learn, friends and teachers have been peppering me with questions:

“My daughter’s first grade teacher says she might have ADHD. What should I do?”

“I told my 10-year old she needed to buckle down and improve her grades. Because middle school will be way harder than 5th grade.”

“My teenager locks himself in his room with his computer and iPod as soon as he gets home from school and only comes out to gulp down dinner. I am worried about what he’s doing in there. How can I reach him?”

So many questions; so much anxiety! We all want to know how to guide our children. What makes that difficult today is that the world we live in is changing faster than even we grownups know how to manage. What must teach our kids know to succeed—both as children and in an unmapped adult world they must navigate on their own?

Understanding the anxiety and confusion that is part-and-parcel of raising and teaching children in today’s world, a group of leading educational institutions founded the Learning Resource Network to develop LearnNow, a place to translate the science of learning in ways for those with the highest stakes in nurturing children to be able to talk directly to the experts whose research informs what we know works, and to use this knowledge in everyday life.

LearnNow invites you to imagine learning in a whole new way

We want to expand what you know about learning. Translate. Talk. Use. Our learning experts offer a new way of engagement—through videos, podcasts, stories and social media—with issues that we all care about and might not understand. Or know what to do about.

African Schoolboy on a ComputerA few of the questions LearnNow addresses, for starters:

  • What do we really understand about stress, and how does it affect children?
  • Is stress always toxic, or can there be good stress?
  • What does play have to do with learning?
  • Are there ways I can help my child pay better attention—when the teacher insists she’s not?

Come to LearnNow for insights and understanding. Then ask questions – and engage online on LearnNow with parents, with teachers, with researchers and other child specialists to further your own learning. LearnNow shines a new light on childhood and lets us get to where we want to be from where we are. So let’s start learning from a whole new place.