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It Takes a Village

Cooper Munroe, cofounder of The Motherhood blog, gives props to ONE Moms’ community partners for supporting her upcoming trip to Kenya.

There’s a quote at the beginning of “It Happened on the Way to War,” a book about starting an NGO in the biggest slum in Kenya, which sums up for me the meaning of our ONE Week campaign.

“Talent is universal, opportunity is not.”

African Child Smiling with his MotherRye Barcott, the author of “It Happened on the Way to War,” is just one of the dozens of amazing people and organizations we’ll be learning from firsthand during our trip.

The experiences and education that ONE’s team of mom bloggers will receive is an opportunity like no other. During ONE Week, we’ll learn about the issues, challenges and possible paths to change in Africa (particularly for girls, women and mothers) in profound and personal ways.

But these experiences will only go so far. Through our ONE Week community partners and team members, we’ll be able to shine a blazing spotlight on the challenges of extreme poverty and disease and share them back home. We hope to heighten awareness, change understanding and create advocates back home in the US.

As our tag line goes, “it only takes ONE mom” to tell a story—but a coordinated, social media army makes real change.

Please check out the incredible list of ONE Week community partners who have already signed on to share the information and stories from Africa with their large and awesome communities. We are so grateful to have partners and team members help spread the word. It is a profound honor to know that in such a valuable and meaningful way, our online community will be traveling the journey with us.

Read what some had to say about joining ONE Week’s community partner network:

“What an honor just to be a small part of a larger, greater good. Now, I’m off to see that others know how their “small part” can create a world of change.” -Felicia Carter, Go Graham Go

“As a child of immigrants and a mom myself, I feel connected to the challenges moms face both here in the US and around the world. How very different my own life as a woman and mother could have been had my parents not immigrated! Even if your family has long been in one country, we innately know that all of us caregivers share common fears and common hopes. How can we not reach out to try and lift the burden from our sisters’ shoulders?” -Anita Jackson,

“The lawyer in me loves’s mission to effect change in Africa through the voices of its members. More important than sending dollars to aid organizations is the need for advocacy to create changes in policies and laws that are the root of many of the problems that African women and moms face. Thank you, ONE, for mobilizing a glove of advocates!” -Justice Fergie, Justic

“I’m excited about helping the efforts because awareness is key to advocacy and, eventual, healing. I want to help amplify the voice of all those involved in any way I can.” -Ana Flores, Spanglish Baby

“I think what you are doing, using social media for good is how we should all be using social media: to raise awareness; to help those in need. I’m honored to even be a small part of what you’re doing in Kenya.” -Caryn Bailey, Rockin Mama

“Super excited about how my blogger friends are making a difference by spreading the word on what women and moms face in Africa. Can’t wait to learn more and see what I can do to help from afar.” -Colleen Padilla, Classy Mommy

“Ending poverty and hunger has long been one of the issues and causes I care most about. There are so many issues that get attention, but in order to solve many of them, we first have to work toward making sure women and children have enough to eat and clean water to drink. It sounds like it should be a simple task, but it takes the collective efforts of many. I can’t think of a better cause for mothers and families who have much to share.” -Joanne Bamberger, Pundit Mom

Your voice is critical to the goals of ONE Week. Please sign up here to be an important part of the journey and mission!