‘Calm Down’: The Best Advice for Parents, or the Worst?

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By Matt Gross and Theodore Ross
Published July 25, 2013, in The Atlantic 

The anxiety that [we parents face] is real: a byproduct of the tension-filled life of America’s YOYO (You’re on your own) parenting world. It may take a village, but only if we’re talking about one with barbed wire fencing encircling the huts, crappy afterschool care, astronomical college costs, and no one to mind the goats in the afternoon.

We parents worry, in short, because we understand that resources are limited. It isn’t just ego or the pursuit of success through our offspring. It is the certainty that in an overcrowded classroom (28 in my son’s first-grade class) only so many kids will be educated properly. If yours won’t or can’t hit the tenor notes on those ABCs, someone else’s will. Read the story.