Do Kids Really Need to Refuel After Exercise?

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By Yoni Freedhoff
Published June 12, 2013, on U.S. News 

The fact of the matter is, unless a child is vigorously active for more than a full hour, there’s really no need for any sort of refueling other than water. Their bodies’ existing energy stores will be more than sufficient to see them through their exercise and will, in turn, be replenished with plain old non-exercise-induced eating.

As far as hydration goes, with the coming summer heat, it’s certainly an important consideration. If you know your child is going to be active, make sure you pre-hydrate them with a glass of water before they hit the field. For activities of less than an hour’s duration, water’s all they need – two-thirds of a cup of ice-cold water every 20 minutes of activity for kids weighing less than 90 pounds and a full cup for kids weighing more. Read the full story.