First Fix Families, Then Fix Schools

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By Alex Reichert
Published July 17, 2013, on The Huffington Post

In my last article, I argued that the US will never be able to “fix” its school system until we fix our families and cultivate a culture of education. As an example, I cited studies that demonstrate how children of Asian immigrant families consistently perform at a high level in the classroom regardless of ESL status or income level. This seems to be the effect of strong family values and parents who invest in their child’s education and emphasize its role in future success.

To further my point, let’s take a look at the most underrepresented group in American universities and the workforce: black males. The lack of success of black boys in schools is unarguably tied to the broken state of many black families in the US, where the majority of black children grow up in poor single-parent homes, often headed by the mother. As more women have joined the workforce and divorces have become more socially acceptable, the rates of marriages crumbling and childbirth out of wedlock have skyrocketed in the black community. Read the full story.