The Cure for Summer Brain Drain: Live a Little

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By Tracy Grant
Published June 5, 2013, in The Washington Post

It’s summertime.

Breathe deeply. Hear the splash in the pool, the crunch of the cicadas underfoot. For a few sweet weeks, let the chaos of the school year recede; forget about schedules and stop rushing around.

You can almost do it, until the dreaded question pops up on the radio, in a newspaper or magazine, or as part of a discussion thread on the neighborhood e-mail list:

What are you doing to prevent summer brain drain?

Just the name conjures images of multiplication tables oozing out of your child’s ears and onto a sandy beach.

Brain drain — or summer learning loss as it’s sometimes less ominously referred to — is nothing new. It’s the impetus behind year-round school and the reason many kids start their summer vacation with backpacks filled with math packets, summer reading lists and essay assignments. And it’s real. Read the full story.