Who’s Your Hero?

Maybe a teacher has influenced your child in a remarkable way. Or a community volunteer started a program that has transformed the lives of families where you live. Or a parent brought together the neighborhood to build a playground. We’d like to meet your hero, too. We know that heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and often many local heroes are not recognized for their remarkable accomplishments. Therefore, we are asking your help in giving these “unsung” heroes the recognition they deserve for making such a profound difference in the lives of others in their communities. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Submit a paragraph explaining how your hero has made a difference in the lives of children and in communities.
  2. Include any available links to artifacts that can demonstrate their efforts and successes. This may include newspaper articles, photographs, videos, interviews, etc.
  3. Attach 2–3 third-party references that we can contact to recommend your hero’s work.

If we select your local hero to be featured on our website, we will create a spotlight story to share his/her accomplishments with the LearnNow community. Community conversations will be encouraged through public comments about your hero’s story. We hope that your hero’s work will inspire others to make a difference in their own communities.